Barry McDonagh

More about Barry McDonagh… (Joe Barry)

Barry McDonagh has been teaching people to end their panic and anxiety for over 10 years.

He has helped CEO’s, celebrities, police officers, soldiers and ‘stay at home’ moms on how to quickly end their anxiety and panic attacks.

Barry is the author of Dare and the creator of the best selling anxiety treatment program PanicAway. His work has been used by over 80,000 people around the world.

“My goal is now to help you live a more fulfilled life ‘beyond anxiety’. Helping you to no longer let anxiety define who you are and what you are capable of.”


Some testimonials…

“I tried several other methods and ways without any success, and then I read ‘Panic Away”
My name is Virginia and I`m from Bulgaria. I suffered panic attacks and most of all my biggest problem was my severe background anxiety.Whatever I did, it was always with me. I really suffered a lot. I tried several other methods and ways without any success, and then I read ‘Panic Away’. Of course I was a bit skeptical at first, because I tried whatever not. But still I decided to try it.I just can`t express how much this unique technique has helped me from the very beginning. It`s incredible really. The technique is very simple and maybe that`s why it is so effective. Very soon my panic attacks went away and my background anxiety decreased drastically. Now I`m free from attacks and happy to come back to my previous self. I can laugh again…and all this thanks to Joe and this brilliant method.

Thank you, dear Joe! May God bless you! – Virginia

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“…when I started reading I felt this feeling of relief physically wash over me,

Dear Joe, please do use my testimonial, I myself have spent a lot of time reading everyone else’s testimonials, it is reassuring to read that you are not alone with these anxieties and that there is hundreds of people who have gone through the same difficulties as you and are now back to there former self. I myself feel very lucky as Panic Away was the first book I read. Friends of mine have suffered for years and it is only since I have recommended your book to them that they feel you can overcome panic attacks and anxiety instead of learning to distract them. – Jan